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Larry Higgins


First of all, sorry about not getting back on this issue much sooner. Was looking for something else, and happen to notice your response.

I take it that you understand precisely the issue. This wouldn't be apparent if I hadn't almost by accident, tried doing a shift+h to go back after at first doing the H2 combination in order to find the first book title on a page of listings. If you shift+h backward, this issue might present itself.

If you did  correctly understand what I said originally, I apologize for my own misunderstanding. Sorry I don't immediately have a way of providing a video.

As I said before, this isn't what I would call a major issue, just a bit of an irritant. 



On 5/1/2022 11:11 PM, Sanjog Kumawat wrote:



I am user of Bookshare. I am unable to reproduce the same issue which is mentioned in the emails. In my case, NVDA does not skip any headings. I tried searching for different books but it always reports all the headings.


I am using NVDA 2021.5, Firefox 99.0.1, and Windows 11 latest version. I also tried this with other browsers but everything is fine.

Since I also work in Bookshare, it will be good to send me a detailed explanation of the issue as well as a video of the issue if possible, to my email address – sanjogk@.... I can at least verify with my team if it is something from our side.


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Sanjog Kumawat

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Alternate Helpline number: +919284028466

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Helpline Email ID: membership-india@...







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Interesting.  I hope you get some other reports regarding the experiences of regular BARD users on these sites with NVDA.

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