Visual studio lagging


Hello all
I have to use Visual Studio for my job. I have Visual Studio 2019 installed and I work on a C# project.
When navigating through the interface, I am experimenting some lags.
A more specific and impacting example is the one of the solution explorer. The solution explorer is reachable with ctrl+alt+L and contains a tree view containing all the files of the project and their structured content.
When I arrow up/down in the tree view, the tree view item is reported 2-3 seconds after the key press; that's very long to browse a tree view!
Is there some parameters in NVDA or in Visual Studio that can be modified to enhance this experience?
In NVDA, I have already tried to check and uncheck "Enable selective registration for UI Automation events and property changes" in the advanced settings panel, but no change.
Note: Narrator is much faster even if reporting the tree item is not totally immediate and is done after a fraction of a second though.

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