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There's also no reason news services and streaming radio services can't already be accessible, and some certainly are.  The other issue would be that news services aren't one thing - there are news services in pretty much every country on earth, and then you can break it down to every state or province, and often each city.  The same for radio.  And they will each use different platforms, or sometimes their own.  In this case, I feel it would be worth any interested user researching what options are available from providers which are either local or which serve their interest.  And if the only option which meets what you want is not accessible, approach them directly to raise those concerns.  Fixing that would almost certainly be something a web accessibility consultant could help with (The web is so complex and ever changing that NV Access don't generally get directly involved individually with a company's site code).

Which news services and which online radio services work best might be a good topic for the chat group!

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I don’t think this should be in the core IMHO but if you really want it, submit it via github, or if you know how to code, code it and submit it to the developer team for review.  What use case  would you provide to justify this, examples, etc.


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Good day to everyone

A suggestion to be hopefully taken up by developers


Cause we have an addon or something developed in invda to allow us to access news services or online streaming radio services



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