Re: Visual studio lagging


Cyrille, w/all due respect--& I mean that sincerely--it is *always*
best to restart after making changes to something. Sometimes that
means the screen reader, sometimes it means the whole system. But
there are many things so embedded in the system that they simply
cannot be changed without a restart, & it really is 1 of the very
basic troubleshooting steps used to ensure that a change has indeed
taken effect.

I'm not saying putting it in the manual isn't beneficial, but again,
this really is 1 of those basics that everyone kind of laughs
about--ie, how many times did tech support tell you to restart your
computer? but it is something that can be of immense importance. I've
been doing tech support of various flavors for 30 years now
(gosh--really? yikes time flies!), & it still amazes me at times just
how much that 1 small step can accomplish.

On 5/10/22, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

I see. I think, at minimum, we can do something about editing the user guide
to mention this fact (or at least add a text in these settings labels to
note the requireemnt to restart after changing settings, similar to language
option in general settings). I advise raising an issue on GitHub so folks
can document others requiring a restart for changes to take effect (and I
think it would be great if we can mark it as good for new developers).



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