Re: Reading mode in NVDA?

Carlos Medrano

Hi; welcome to NVDA!

NVDA+down_arrow works, but if you are using the laptop keyboard layout, it is NVDA+a. Note that setting capslock as an NVDA modifier does not mean that the keyboard layout changes to the laptop one if you are using the desktop layout; all it does is allow you to use the capslock in addition to insert with a desktop keyboard.

Hope this helps.

- Carlos

On 5/11/2022 9:15 PM, Sim Kah Yong wrote:
Hi there, welcome to NVDA.

Control+shift+R in Window-eyes is NVDA key + down arrow.

The NVDA key can be the caplock key or the insert.


On 12/5/2022 11:43 am, Penny Golden wrote:

I've just started using NVDA, after a long and loving relationship, so to speak, with my dear old Window-eyes.  I'm still on a win 7 computer.  I don't know how to find out what version of NVDA I have.

I'll try not to ask questions that do not conform to the list guidelines.  In win-eyes, there's a way to read the entire document, at least in an email, without supping.  it was control-shift-r.  Is there a so-called reading mode in NVDA?

Thank you all so much for bearing with a total newbie.  My win-eyes quit reading the menus; it would only read the letters, not the entire thing, such as copy-path, or the like.

NVDA is reading these menus nicely.  If I can get my oldie to do it again, I'll probably go back to using that.

Sorry this got so long.

I'm so glad to have the input help-mode of nvda-1.  But some of these things I do not know how to style.  So I don't know how to ask NVDA the question.  I'll get my hands on a braille command doc to read on my braille devices, and I'll be off and running.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Penny Golden

Old lady Schoolmarm in Eastern Nebraska.


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