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Sarah k Alawami

Yeah, I believe there is a disconnect somewhere in that email. It's up to CF not NVDA to make those changes. And I do recall seeing this post before somewhere on this list a few weeks ago. Or maybe I'm going crazy.

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Here is what I got from AT guys
Michael Babcock (A T Guys)
May 3, 2022, 10:18 EDT


Thank you for being the best part of A. T. Guys.

We received this message from code factory yesterday.

We contacted the developers of NVDA, and we were informed that they intend to roll back the changes that break compatibility with our Voices for NVDA plugin. We are waiting for verification that this has indeed been done.
Currently sadly we don't have any additional information to share.
You can request an update from code factory directly with their ticketing system at:

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to write us at support@....

Thanks again.
Michael Babcock

On 5/12/2022 10:51 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Can you provide proof of the email? I've seen this post before, I think. I think it is up to CF to make those changes, not NVDa developers.

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Subject: [nvda] code factory addon for NVDA

When I sent a Email to Code Factory concerning the vocalizer/eloquinse
NVDA addon I was told that the NVDA developers were changing the code
for 2022.1 to work with the existing addon from Code Factory thus no
Code Factory update will be needed. I just started the install of
2022.1 RC 1 and it still says that the code factory Vocalizer/eloquince addon wis incompatible. I would think if the code factory addon was going to work with 2022.1 the RC 1 version should work. Can someone please set me or code factory straight?

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