Re: Reading mode in NVDA?



Welcome to NVDA and the NVDA Group.  Rest assured, that asking if NVDA can do something you're familiar with in another screen reader, and giving the exact "other screen reader" and it's command is perfectly fine.  It removes a lot of ambiguity.

Here is one of my canned bits for NVDA newbies (and some not-so-newbies):  Every NVDA user needs to know how to do two basic things when almost any question arises.  The one you want really depends on the exact nature of the question:

1.        Bring up the NVDA Commands Quick Reference:  NVDA + N, H, Q  [NVDA Menu, Help, Commands Quick Reference]

2.      Bring up the NVDA User Guide:  NVDA + N, H, U   [NVDA Menu, Help, User Guide]

I think all of your original questions have been addressed now.  Feel free to bring up new ones as they occur after you've done a quick check of the Commands Quick Reference and/or the User Guide and no answer has been found for your question.


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