Re: windows 7 and NVDA, what is the last version I can run.

Carlos Medrano

Hi Penny,

It's been a while since I've used a machine running Windows 7, but I've never heard of there being a version cutoff for that OS. I could be wrong though. According to the download page, they have a cutoff version for Windows XP and Vista.

For changing the punctuation level, NVDA+P should toggle between all 4 levels of verbosity.

Hope this helps.

- Carlos

On 5/12/2022 11:30 AM, Penny Golden wrote:

Hi.  I'm using windows 7; yes, eventually i'll go to a win 11 computer.

but not for a bit.  How can I know what is the last version of NVDA that windows-7 will work with?

Can I ask a second question?  Is there a toggle to turn on and off the speaking of punctuation symbols?  the hearing of punctuation makes it easy for me to do a lot of proof-reading on the PC, rather than moving it over to the braille device.

It is informal proofing.  for the really tough stuff, I use the braille under the hands.

Best, penny

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