Re: windows 7 and NVDA, what is the last version I can run.

Rui Fontes

This is teue if Windows 7 have SP1 installed...

Retired from userGuide:

◦ For Windows 7, NVDA requires Service Pack 1 or higher.

Rui Fontes

Às 19:50 de 12/05/2022, Gene escreveu:

NVDA supports Windows 7 in its current version.  One of the developers on the list says we will be notified when support will be dropped.

Regarding punctuation, the command NVDA key p cycles through all punctuation levels from none to all.  It cycles through them as many times as you use the command.

Regarding which NVDA key you want to use, here is something that wasn't discussed yet. 

You can use the caps lock as an NVDA key regardless of whether you are using the desktop or the laptop keyboard layout.  It is a separate setting.  I often want to use the caps lock key when using the desktop layout.  I find it far more convenient to use caps lock down arrow rather than either insert down arrow.

The same for the punctuation command.  I would much rather use caps lock p than insert p.
To have the caps lock key work as an NVDA key, do the following:
Open the keyboard settings dialog with control NVDA k. 
Tab to a check box about using the caps lock and check it with the space bar.
Press enter.
The dialog closes and the setting has been changed.
Now you can use whichever insert you want or caps lock.  You aren't turning insert off, you are just turning caps lock on.


On 5/12/2022 1:30 PM, Penny Golden wrote:

Hi.  I'm using windows 7; yes, eventually i'll go to a win 11 computer.

but not for a bit.  How can I know what is the last version of NVDA that windows-7 will work with?

Can I ask a second question?  Is there a toggle to turn on and off the speaking of punctuation symbols?  the hearing of punctuation makes it easy for me to do a lot of proof-reading on the PC, rather than moving it over to the braille device.

It is informal proofing.  for the really tough stuff, I use the braille under the hands.

Best, penny

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