Re: 2022 RC, Outlook 2019 and NVDA-Search


HI Luke and All,

Can you tell more about what you mean by it doesn't work?
What does it do or not do?
CTRL+F forwards the mail or opens the search and replace dialog of outlook (depending of reading or writing), as desired without NVDA

What does NVDA input help (NVDA+1) say about the key command?
Nothing but the pressed key.
Btw. This is the same with NVDA+CTRL+F

Have you checked in input gestures, to make sure it is still assigned?
Yes I did.
And I reassigned it in advance.

During reassigning I deleted


Doing this the standard assignment key


Disappeared as well.

So maybe there is something wrong with the command itself?

My system is German, so I ask my self, if this can be the result of an error in German localization?

Btw. Many other assigned NVDA hotkeys - such as NVDA
+1 or NVDA+n still work as usual 🙍‍♂️💦
Any other questions or ideas?

Per Aspera


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