Re: 2022 RC, Outlook 2019 and NVDA-Search


Hello Luke and All,

That is the behavior you would get if you were in focus
not in browse mode. Are you sure you are
in browse mode?
Well, I think, this is an end where we can pull.
- I write this mail.
- Press CTRL+F
- the standard behavior of outlook happens
- I press NVDA+space, NVDA goes to browse mode
- making that sure by pressing "h", NVDA sais: no further
- Press CTRL+F: NVDA search opens.
This is, what you expect to happen. Isn't it?

I can understand this somehow to be correct.

It was different with NVDA 21.3.x and earlier on all my
There NVDA search came up in focus mode by pressing CTRL+F
as well.

But if the behavior you describe is the right one, I will be
used to it in some days or weeks.

But, Hmhm - Isn't there a way to bring up NVDA search even
in focus mode?

Ad Astra


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