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I didn't say anything beyond Internet pages.  I amnot saying that hovering the mouse isn't important or useful in any programs. 


On 5/13/2022 10:42 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:

I also disagree with Jean on this one, Quickbooks makes some use of Mouse Overs, and JAWS works well with it.

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Gene wrote:

My guess is that if mouse over links did anything other than be 
marginally useful, that is, show necessary information more than very 
rarely, NVDA would have incorporated a mouse over function.  JAWS has one, Window-eyes didn't.  I think if it were considered at all important, more than just one screen[-reader would have it.
Gene, I must disagree with you.

I have been in several situations where a website's functions were completely unusable without mouseover capability, or some way to simulate it. I present, again, GetResponse as one example.

Now, that bad design is not NVDA's fault, but I think that the real reason here is that it is simply very difficult to do given the way NVDA presents information.

Apparently, in Jaws, it is not unusual to hear that new options have appeared on line such-and-such of the virtual buffer. But users jumping to specific lines, is not an NVDA paradigm.

So the question becomes: if new options do appear, how should NVDA get you to them, or tell you about them?

I suspect if there was a reasonable answer to that, more progress might be made on mouseover support.


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