Python pring function with flush=True NVDA not reading the updated messages in Windows PowerShell



This question is partly related to NVDA and partly related to Windows PowerShell.

Supposed I have the following python script and stored in a python file '', which print out a new string of text after every second.

import time

for i in np.arange(10):

    print('Sleeping', f"{str(round((i-1)/secs*100, 0)).removesuffix('.0')}%", end="\r", flush=True)


1. I open Windows PowerShell

2. type python

3. the script starts running

I am expecting that NVDA can automatically speak out the new string of text, but in my test, after the first 'Spleeping...' was spoken, NVDA did not speak the updated messages.

What can I do to make NVDA speak the updated messages? Thanks.


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