Re: Question Regarding Browse setting


The commands aren't defined in Input Help.  However, the difference in behavior may depend on whether  Windows 7 or Windows 10 or 11 is being used. 

In Windows 7, at least on my machine, what I said is the case.  In Windows 10, both f1 and shift f1 do the same thing, in other words they both bring up context sensitive help.

I wouldn't think the version of Windows would make any difference but it seems to.


On 5/14/2022 4:56 AM, Luke Davis wrote:
Gene wrote:

I just checked.  F1 brings up the user manual.  Shift f1 opens the manual to the part that describes the command you are on when you issue the command. 

That is not the normal experience. Check your keyboard layout against NVDA input help. F1 is supposed to work alone for this, although if your browser remembers where you were last reading in the manual, it may not work so well.

I don't think it is generally known.  I don't recall seeing it discussed here before.

Perhaps I shouldn't have recommended it. It is apparently an undocumented feature, and does not work in every possible place within NVDA currently. It does work in most or all of the settings panels though, and is worth trying if you can't remember what something does.

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