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hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Mr charlie Dyasi

Did you get any takers as in a zip download for addons?

For which version of nvda do you want them for?

I do have up on my website a page where it takes you to a folder on drop box where you can see them for that version.

I did at one time think of actually zipping them into zip files for that version of nvda

I think I just left it the way it was just in case I wanted to add more files for that version.

Gene nz

On 29/04/2022 2:52 am, Charlie Dyasi wrote:
Hello guys, hope all of you are good.
I’m looking for that person, all those persons, who are NVDA add on collectors, and collect every add-on,, as well as keep the installation files, as well.
If any of you, is in the category that I’m looking for, please do email me, I am looking for NVDA add-ons.
I know I can download them from the NVDA page, but a zip file from a collector, would be something special.
There’s not a particular ad on that I’m looking for, so what ever someone has, I will appreciate it very much.
Hope all of you have a beautiful day ferther.

Mr charlie Dyasi
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