Re: can't navigate using arrow keys in any edit fields



Yes I have received the debug log privately, and it is showing me something I've never seen before... A continuous touchscreen gesture execution as if you are pressing down on the touchscreen. The source of NVDA saying "hover" comes from touch hover gesture which is used when you use your finger to touch the screen continuously.

Context: I myself use a touchscreen device mostly for development purposes (that's why I can understand what's up a bit better). For resident developers, the log is filled with "ts(object):hover", which is the input signature for the touch hover command.

Has NVDA been acting this way from the moment you've installed it? Also, what happens when you restart with add-ons disabled and press arrow keys with speak command keys (NVDA+number row 4) enabled for a moment? If disabling add-ons does make a difference, chances are that it might be an add-on responsible for "holding down the touchscreen". The next step is disabling individual add-ons to find out exactly which add-on is responsible and inform the add-on developer.



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