Re: can't navigate using arrow keys in any edit fields

Russell James


I can't be sure it is the same, however, there have been other conversations on this subject.

In my cases it has been while editing in GMail and Linked-In message compose boxes.

It doesn't happen every time and I have not been able to identify the trigger.
In fact it just happened while editing this message...

When it stopped speaking from the arrow keys
I pressed alt twice and it started to work again
That tip was shared in previous conversations on this subject

I have seen this with multiple versions of NVDA,  and I have not tried the new RC yet...

I do not use any NVDA add ons

I always use Firefox and Firefox Nightly and have seen it with both on multiple versions.

I do not have a touch screen on the computers I have observed the problem
I don't think I hear hover being spoken by NVDA

When I use the trackball/mouse and hover over the same text NVDA can still read it even when the arrow keys do not...

I have experienced this with MS Word but not as often as GMail but that could be due to the time spent using GMail.

I hope this helps


On Sun, May 15, 2022 at 1:35 PM Tyler Wood <tcwood12@...> wrote:


I’m actually suffering from this myself. What generally ends up happening is, for instance, attempting to navigate a table of items using NVDA’s focus mode (in the Gmail interface, for instance) will have NVDA reading me random links from the page and not the page itself. Similarly, attempting to navigate by character or word in an edit field while focus mode is enabled will result in blanks being read. I’ve tried multiple web browsers, multiple versions of NVDA – nothing is seeming to work and I’m at a loss of what to try next. I thought it was a fluke on this machine but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.


Thank you



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Hi Joseph I have privately send you the nvda log. please check and let me know if you received it or not. thanks

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