Re: getting the time and date

Rui Fontes

It is a laptop or a desktop?


Às 18:47 de 15/05/2022, Howard Traxler escreveu:

I just did a windows reset on my windows 10 computer thinking it would solve all my problems.  Well, it only made things worse.  It blew away everything I had installed.  My particular concern is NVDA. So, I reinstalled NVDAS, (this time,  I'm still not able to read the time with NVDA plus F12.  Now, it just seems to be silent.  Maybe the computer is just not displaying the date and time info in a place where NVDA can grab it?  Any suggestions?  I really like this function; it's more accurate than my clock which is also on the desk along side the computer.


P.S.  I have to try setting up my email again on that machine.

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