Re: Issue With Lane Bryant Website and 'Press and hold" sign in button



             Thanks for that update, and you're right, there are times where something is just "out of order" for some unknown reason and if (note, if) you can get the owner of a site to say so it's quite a relief provided a fix is supposed to be forthcoming.

              But, this entire topic inspired me to finally put together a downloadable version of my not-infrequently-stated opinion that blind users would really be far better off were they to be taught NOT to fear the mouse and how to hobble it appropriately so that what they don't want it doing - moving the mouse pointer - versus what they do want it doing - left and right clicking (including a real long press) - can be done with ease.  I have long ago come to hate, hate, hate emulated mouse click commands, regardless of the screen reader, because there are just too many occasions where I simply cannot get them to work.  And I know of no method with a screen reader to emulate a true long press and hold of the real left mouse button.  But hobble your mouse or mousepad and you can use "the real thing" as indicated for clicking without making your life a living hell by moving the mouse pointer to areas unknown when you are wanting to click.

See:  Creating a Blind-Friendly Hobbled Mouse or Mousepad and Using It



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