Re: can't navigate using arrow keys in any edit fields


Hi all,

The keyboard navigation and announcement issues described is not the same as NVDA saying "hover" when you use arrow keys as described by the original poster. Here's a short sample of the situation I have seen with the log which describes what the original poster is talking about (removed timestamp and the text is formatted differently):

  1. Output: hover, hover, hover, hover
  2. Input: right arrow
  3. Output: some character, hover, hover, hover
  4. Input: NVDA+number row 4
  5. Output: hover, hover, speak command keys on, hover, hover, hover
  6. Input: left arrow
  7. Output: hover, left arrow, some character, hover, hover, hover

The actual "hover" announcement cycle is:

  1. Input: something holds down the touchscreen
  2. NVDA: sees it as a touchscreen gesture
  3. NVDA sees that this is a hover gesture and thinks the user is moving around the touchscreen with one finger without removing the finger
  4. NVDA says "hover"
  5. Cycle repeats at least once
  6. A different command is performed, say pressing arrow keys
  7. NVDA attempts to process the just pressed arrow keys while being bombarded with touchscreen gesture and announcing "hover" as a result
  8. After processing arrow keys, NVDA still notices soething is holding down the touchscreen, registering it as a hover gesture
  9. This cycle repeats until NVDA exits

To anyone experiencing what they believe is NVDA saying extraneous things when you press arrow keys, I need a log from you privately; but this time, please send the log to both I and NV Access (CC info@...) in case NV Access folks may have something to say while I'm taking a vacation for the next few weeks.



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