Re: NVDA repeating every Chinese character twice in Windows PowerShell

Rowen Cary


Please check 'Use UI Automation to access the Windows Console when available' in the advanced settings panel.

On Sat, May 14, 2022 at 07:59 PM, William wrote:

Hello all,

  1. Open Windows PowerShell

  2. Run the following python script: print('測試用文字')

  3. When you press Enter, the first time nvda will say '測試用文字'

  4. But if I use review cursor to go back to that line of text, NVDA will say ''測測試試用用文文字字' which repeating every character twice.

I am testing this with NVDA 2022.1 RC1, without installing any addon

windows 10 home ed 21h2

I try doing the same thing in Windows terminal preview, but the Chinese characters are correctly reported.

Here I attach the respective debug log for your reference.



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