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Aravind R

after pressing windows+b, press space bar then press arrow keys. you
will find nvda on overflow area. you can activate by pressing enter
and reach nvda settings.

On 10/11/16, Melissa Galbraith <> wrote:
I did the windows plus B, but I can't find the NVDA setting. So
very sorry for being uninformed about this screenreader.

On 10/10/2016 4:38 PM, Kwork wrote:
Melissa, if you are not currently able to use the insert key as an NVDA
modifier key, do the following:

1. Press windows key plus b to get to the notification area.
2. Arrow around till you hear the word "NVDA."
3. Press the space bar or the enter key to activate the NVDA menu.
4. Arrow down to preferences, then press the right arrow key to open the
preferences menu.
5. Arrow down to Keyboard settings, and press enter to enter the dialog
where you can tab around to explore the various options.
6. Tab till you hear the words "Use CapsLock as an NVDA modifier key."
7. Press the spacebar to check it. If it was already check, the spacebar
will uncheck it. Press it again to make sure it's checked.
8. Tab to the ok button and press the spacebar to approve the changes and
exit the keyboard settings.
Of course there are other settings you can set while you're in there, so
look around before exiting.
I personally have both the insert key and the capps lock set as
Like you, I have heard that many newer keyboards are losing the insert
so having an alternate modifier is important.
I know that you can also set the keyboard to laptop, but don't know the
commands there, so have no idea if that'll help you at all or not.
Good luck,
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I'm using NVDA and am not sure of all the hotkeys. The keyboards I am
using don't have the insert key, and I read in an article last night
that the insert key is being phased out. Many of the ewer keyboarders
don't feature it. How in the world am I supposed to do some of the
commands with out it.?


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