Re: Add-on update notice: fixed Add-on Updater offering incompatible add-ons


When you're young, you think you're immortal, invincible, God only
wise, to quote the hymn. When you get old, you know better. Not a
specific "you" but a generalized "you".

To Joseph I say, if you wanna do something, do it. If not, do like the
Frozen song says & just "Let It Go!" Because the truth is, straddling
the fence is uncomfortable, not to mention hurts--a lot. Whatever you
do, good luck & much success.

On 5/16/22, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

What is for certain is that I'm definitely devoting June to something other
than writing Python (for once in quite some time). As far as NVDA code
contribution goes, I submitted what might be my last pull request last week
(a possible solution to let mouse and touch users navigate and interact with
Windows 11 UI elements on screen). I'm half-tempted to flat out ask NV
Access to take Add-on Updater and Windows App Essentials under their wings
so I can (finally) cleanly depart this project (for now).

The workload I'm involved (or thought about) are:

1. Add-on authorship and maintenance
2. Reviewing add-ons from the community
3. Look for Windows 10/11/Insider Preview accessibility and usability issues
for screen reader users
4. Carefully guide the community toward long-term goals, or for that matter,
slowly prepare the community for post-NVDA era (yes, that's slowly coming).
While I cannot go into specifics, I imagine a day when academic researchers
will "unearth" NVDA source code and try to figure out what's going on (the
process for preparing for such a scenario isn't trivial, requiring changing
the mindset of contributors, and to some degree, add-ons community; won't go
into details now but perhaps find a time to talk about it soon).

Hope this helps.



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