Re: Add-on update notice: fixed Add-on Updater offering incompatible add-ons

David Ingram

Hi, how are you?  This is David Ingram, i’m writing because I’m still having a problem with the ad-on updater concerning not updating to the latest ad-on but still reverting to an older ad-on.  This is strange  because i’ve updated to a newer version of windows 10 befor going to windows 11.  If i’m not mistaken  this is windows 10 21h2.  I’m not sure why i still have this problem with the nvda  ad-on updater.  thank you for any information that you  might be able to provide concerning this issue.

On May 16, 2022, at 9:44 AM, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

Hi all,
Recently a number of add-ons were updated that require NVDA 2022.1, and these were approved for distribution on community add-ons website around 7:52 PM Pacific (UTC-7) on May 15, 2022. Around 1:11 AM on May 16th, I received a report from the add-ons list about compatibility messages with NVDA 2021.3.5 (the latest stable version as of time of this writing) and confirm that Add-on Updater was offering incompatible add-on updates to users. I have stopped Add-on Updater from offering add-on updates requiring NVDA 2022.1 around 1:36 AM Pacific.
While the update issue is resolved, I decided to inform you of what happened as Add-on Updater is my responsibility, and the described issue was part of a chain of events that led to folks experiencing confusion for a while. My sincerest apologies for this mishap.
P.S. A bigger factor: mental exhaustion due to me being a workaholic when it comes to everything NVDA. The events that led to the mishap described cannot be explained fully here, but what I can say is that as soon as graduate final exam is done this week and Windows App Essentials 22.06 is released next week, I’ll be looking for a great distraction from NVDA before I crash with mental exhaustion. This can partly explain why I’m not my usual self these days.

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