Re: repeat for the dufus, please?


You may have inadvertently undone the change.   Do the following to change the setting and then the following to make sure the setting is permanently saved.
Open document formatting with control NVDA d.
Tab to block quote, which is a check box and uncheck it with the space bar.
Press enter.  The dialog will close and the change will be made.
Then permanently save the change with control NVDA key c.

NVDA is set by default to permanently save changes when the program closes or you close it in some way.  That includes if you shut down or reboot while NVDA is running.
but you can permanently save a setting manually with the command I gave, control NVDA key c.

There is a command to revert to the saved configuration, control  NVDA r.  If you issue that command and a setting isn't permanently saved, it will go back to what it was before.
My guess is that you inadvertently issued that command.


On 5/17/2022 6:26 AM, Penny Golden wrote:

How do I get the NVDA to not say paragraph block, or whatever that is. I did it the other day; then it disappeared and we're back to it. But I have searched the help as much as I can, and I cannot find that part where we get to send our preferences to the program.

I even went back into the trash to find the email; but I just cannot find it.

I'll try to be more diligent in the future. Or someone will have me writing the command 500 times on the blackboard.

Seven more days of school.


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