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I am not familiar with SSO.  Usually, when I login somewhere that allows you to sign in using Google, that is presented as an option on the login page itself.  No such option is present on the Groups.io login page.

I don't know if Dave can create an account.  I believe a verification e-mail is sent to your mail address.  If the login messages are going to spam, which Dave for some reason isn't seeing, perhaps the verification message will, too.  If your method will allow him to sign in and avoid that possible problem, that may be important to try.

On 5/17/2022 11:48 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Actually I don’t use a password for groups.io, never have. I just sign in using SSO from google.  It works a lot better IMHO.


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I'm not writing this to give you a hard time, but you do need to finish setting up your account.  It isn't a question of how often you use the site.  You regularly use the groups and without a password, you cannot efficiently ddeal with problems even if they occur rarely. 

It is no more difficult finishing signing up than it is for any other typical site.  You evidently were bouncing.  I haven't had enough bouncing problems to recall just what needs to be done.  I think that if you have been bouncing, there is one unbounce link you work with to unbounce your account, not every list separately.  If you were bouncing, you should have gotten an unbounce link.  If you don't see one either in your regular mail or in your spam filter, I believe you can unbounce yourself in the your account which you need to be signed in to access.

I think even using the unbounce link requires you to sign into your account to be unbounced  once you follow it.


On 5/17/2022 9:49 AM, Dave Grossoehme wrote:

Hi:  I know this should be on the chat group, but I have had a problem with my email.  I didn't receive messages for about 24 hours.  I had my son's help to get messages back for the nvda email, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this message.  I am questioning if I have been blocked out of my email address for that reason from groups.  I can't even get a link sent to me to get on the groups.io.  I don't use the groups.io web site enough to have a password for them.  Can anyone help here, as far as a hint to get to where I can resubscribe to the group emails that I have been on from groups.io for several years?




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