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I have seen this in win10 where after putting in a username, nvda does not move to the password field and I have to manually diidle round to get the right field it doesn't happen with v7 of windows.

On 6/10/2016 9:58 p.m., Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:

Today I tried to log in to our government applications site using NVDA
2016.3 and Firefox 40.0.1 under Windows 10

Here is the url:

There are three edit boxes: a search area and then a user name and a
password edit box. Normally, using Firefox, I simply tab to the user name
and press enter to type in the user name. When I went to it this morning,
the edit box sound played as I opened the user name box but I could not type
anything in the box. When I pressed tab to come out of the box, nothing
happened. All I could do was to press escape to bring me back to browse mode
and close the box. I even pressed the sign in button in hopes that I had
entered the user name and password even though I could not monitor that
action, but, again, the button did not react.

I switched over to Internet explorer and pasted in the above url. This time
NVDA reported the usual edit boxes for search user and password and each
opened correctly and echoed my typing. I was able to successfully enter the
user page and continue with my work.

Can anyone explain what has happened to Firefox lately? I am finding this
inertia quite a lot recently. By the way, I have not added anything to
Firefox for the past three months.

All the best,


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