Re: Man or woman. really strange.

Penny Golden <pengold2@...>

First off, i was warned, or we all were, that this is off-topic.

So I feel like I really just ought to get off the list, for it was my fault that this got brought up.

I figured it was from NVDA, since that evening I had installed a much newer version of NVDA, and that is when it came up.

I am sure that when people set up those accounts, they are asked gender.  I have no idea what was up there; i just heard the word man or woman.  And I figured it had to do with the fact that I was running a newer version of the NVDA.

Well, I hate to upset the apple cart, and we were warned to keep off this topic.

If you only knew what a law-abidin' citizen I really am. I hate list controversy.

Let's try not to talk about this. someone hates it.

On 5/17/2022 3:33 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Penny Golden wrote:

This was audio only; i wonder not only how it makes the designations, but why it does.
When you setup your account, does it ask your gender or some other kind of m/f/other identification?

That would be how it knows.

Is it using an Emoji of a man or a woman, or the actual words?

NVDA is capable of speaking Emoji, but I don't run into them enough online to remember how they are announced.


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