Re: Man or woman. really strange.

Robert Doc Wright godfearer

Penny, in the later version of teamTalk it does announce the gender of the person. You set it in preferences.It is the very next tab after your name. ,

On 5/17/2022 11:05 AM, Penny Golden wrote:
This was audio only; i wonder not only how it makes the designations, but why it does.

In any event, once we go to the win 11 machine, maybe things will change, and most certainly they will; my thick head of hair may get lots thinner lots faster.

On 5/17/2022 11:58 AM, Luke Robinett wrote:
Oh wow. That could get very dicey very quickly depending on peoples gender identities lol. Funny anecdote though. I wonder how it makes those determinations?

On May 16, 2022, at 7:27 PM, Penny Golden <pengold2@...> wrote:

I upgraded to a newer version of NVDA.  But I am also going to upgrade the computer in a few days. Nevertheless, listen to this one.

We use a talk-client, I forget the name.  But it's really well-known.  I used it with Win-eyes, and with the 2015 NVDA. Tonight I went to the I C C, and there were five in the meeting.

Before it would list the name and wouldn't say anything, unless, perhaps, Penny, Away.

Now for each, it told me whether they were Man or Woman.

Betsy, Man; Jack, Man; Lenore, Woman; Marsha, Man; Penny, Man.

Has anyone seen such interesting behavior?

It sure doesn't matter, since no one else sees this.  It's just my NVDA that does it. But I'm upgrading to a new computer; so I'll probably just have new questions for you then.



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