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Quentin Christensen

Good morning,

WIth your conflicting add-ons, there may be an option in the add-on itself if it creates its own dialog somewhere.  Otherwise, it may have added an entry to NVDA's Input Gestures dialog.  This is where you can add / change / remove any of NVDA's keystrokes and gestures.  We included a walkthrough of adding a keystroke in In-Process awhile back now, but the steps haven't changed:

For updating, I think something was lost in translation, but are you asking about NVDA 2022.1?  This is an add-on breaking release, so add-ons will need to be updated to work with it.  The actual updates required shouldn't be too onerous, and most add-ons should be able to be updated such that the new version will work with NVDA 2021.x  and NVDA 2022.x versions.  You will need to check with the add-on authors as to where they are at with that process though.  The page at: has the status of the official add-ons at least, as well as contact details for add-on authors.

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On Wed, May 18, 2022 at 8:24 AM marinos.poulimas <marinos.poulimas@...> wrote:
Hello, I am Marinos from Greece.
I apologize my English is not very good I will try in simple words to
ask for help for two problems I have in nvda.
installed 3 add-ons question 1 the two add-ons are compatible and work
but have the same key combination to do the job.
how can the key combination in one of the two add-ons be changed ???
is exactly the same combination.
question 2 in which upgrade the additional lion.
where is to read the subtitles in which upgrade of nvda does not work ???
or operating normally ???
and no problem Thank you.
Finally I would like to ask some extras are in English.
how could i help translate greek language ???

Thanks for everything.

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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