for the third time, filling out a PDF

Bob Cavanaugh

Hi all,
This will be the last time I ask this. I find it hard to believe
nobody on here knows the answer to what seems like a fairly easy
problem to fix, but I've asked this twice since Thursday, and have
gotten nowhere, when every other question on this list including my
other one has had an answer within a couple of hours. Yes I could ask
for sighted help and probably will if I don't get an answer, but this
form was done correctly, unlike lots of PDFs I've seen, so I should be
able to fill it out without sighted help.
I'm using the latest version of NVDA and Adobe Reader. NVDA will see
that edit fields in the PDF exist, but I'm having the following
1. I cannot tab through them like I would a form on a webpage.
2. Pressing enter when focused on an edit field does not activate
focus mode as it would on a webpage.
3. Manually activating focus mode with control+space works, but does
not appear to actually fill in the forms as would be expected. How
does this work?

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