Suddenly realized that NVDA+SHIFTC or +R cannot set column or row header


Hi all,

A few weeks before I was still able to set the column header or row header using the hotkey NVDA+Shift+c or NVDA+Shift+r.

Today when I try to do the same thing in excel, it just typed the character c or r into the cell, but has not triggered the set header function of nvda.

I try doing the same thing with a portable version of nvda and it words, so I am wondering there is something wrong with my current installed version of NVDA. The installed NVDA is 2021.3.5.

I have tried the following things but nothing has resolved the problem:

1. reset input gesture to factory default

2. restart with addon disabled

Would you please instruct me on any other possible solution that I can resolve this problem? many thanks.


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