Re: NVDA and How Buttons Are Announced

Carlos Medrano

Hi Marc,

from the perspective of someone who uses NVDA daily, everything you described is expected behavior.

I'm not an expert on web certifications, but have you looked into the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [0]? For example, section 4.1.2 [1] describes the need for UI components to have a name, role, and value that can be determined and set programmatically. Also, section 2.1.2 [2] may also be of interest to you, which describes keyboard traps, such as those caused by embedded applications/modals and the need of having a convenient way of jumping out of them with a keyboard or with a button.

Note that it may be worth testing each screen reader with each of the browsers; some browsers may give different behaviors with different screen readers. For example, the Free PBX [3] web GUI works better with Firefox and NVDA; Chrome does not show all the controls on the page.

Hope this is helpful.







On 5/18/2022 10:01 AM, Marc Grossman wrote:
I am testing a modal dialogue with NVDA/Firefox, Jaws/Edge, and VoiceOver/Safari on a desktop platform. The modal is launched with a form control (button). Screen reader encounters three form controls (buttons) on the modal.
Using TAB and the shortcut key B navigate screen reader focus and announce as Label/Control type, e.g. "Close Button"
Using arrow keys, screen readers announce Control Type/Label, e.g. "Button Close"
Using TAB, the shortcut key B, and arrow keys all navigate screen reader focus and announce as Label/Control type, e.g. "Close Button"
Using both TAB and VO+arrow keys, the screen reader announces Label/Control Type, e.g. "Close Button"
I understand that this might actually be the expected behaviour. Can anybody point me to resources on the web that confirm this?
Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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