Re: NVDA and How Buttons Are Announced


Hi all,

Specifically, the answer lies with how NVDA treats text information (and formatting) as you navigate by character/word/line. While I can't go into details without risking finals study schedule, all I can say (at this time) is that NVDA will look at formatting information as you use arrow keys to navigate text in browse mode context. The reason why you hear "close button" when you press Tab key versus "button close" as you press arrow keys has to do with the fact that the former responds to possible system focus changes and the latter is a reaction to browse mode cursor location changes.

In answer to the big question posed: this is screen reader specific. You can in fact tell JAWS to announce control type (that's what it is called) before label, and NVDA does so differently based on context you are in. I can go into details upon request (either next week or in July).



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