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Sarah k Alawami

Well for me word is not in the menu choices hence I must drill down into there to choose it. And for me it is not down arrow twice, so just hit h, in my case, to get to open with.

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I have watched the messages all day and held back while so many were answering you.

Firstly, Firefox cannot read PDF files. You need either edge or Chrome or Adobe.

If you want to open the .pdf file in Word then use the context menu to open it with word.

Here are the steps:
1. locate the file you want to open;
2. Press shift + f10 or the application key beside the right control key; 3. Press "n" twice until you hear "Open With"; 5. press right arrow and down until you hear "Microsoft Word" and press enter.

The file will then open in Word.

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To answer your question, I just tried opening said file in Firefox, and it doesn't see the edit fields. My machine doesn't give me the option by default to open the file in Word, just Adobe Reader and the two browsers, Edge and Firefox. I actually thought I could get by with only using Firefox to read PDF files, but when I thought I needed to fill out the form I'm currently using as a test case a couple months ago, that's when I downloaded Adobe Reader.
Gene, to answer your question about System Access, I could try that to use this PDF, but I've never installed it, and I'm not sure SA To Go works with Edge. Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will not work on Windows 10 within the next month I believe, so that may work to fill out the PDF in question, but that's not going to be a long term solution.

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Use adobeacrobat reader dc to fill out pdf forms.

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Hi. To me it's not possible. At least I've never find a consistant
way to do it.


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