Re: NVDA and How Buttons Are Announced

Carlos Medrano

This is strictly anecdotal from personal observation, but I've grown to associate focus vs brows mode based on the way controls are spoken. For example, brows mode usually prepends the control type before the name for most things like buttons and links. As far as I'm aware, the screen reader chooses how to present that data, not the web developer.

It's been a while since I used JAWS, but I remember it behaving similarly when navigating using NVDA's equivalent of brows mode VS just tabbing around in it's focus mode equivalent.

On 5/18/2022 12:28 PM, Gene wrote:
But you are still getting all the information.  I haven't compared other screen-readers but I believe this is expected behavior in NVDA.  JAWS allows you to set whether you hear the kind of control before other information or other information first.  It is not determined by the web page. 

IN NVDA, if I tab to a link that is visited, I hear the link spoken before visited.  If I up or down arrow to a visited link, I hear visited link before the link is spoken.

In other words, these variations are screen-reader variations and aren't determined by the web page.


On 5/18/2022 2:16 PM, Marc Grossman wrote:

Yes I am a daily screen reader user and am familiar with WCAG. I wholeheartedly agree with both of you that form controls should announce the type of control, the state of the control, and the label on the control. Your references to WCAG guidelines are spot on.

My main question can be boiled down to this. If I navigate with arrow keys to the control, it is announced by NVDA as "Button Close" but If I navigate to the control with the tab key or the letter B, NVDA announces as "Close Button."


The engineer has informed me that it was coded to meet WCAG guidelines and another colleague believes that this is the expected behavior. I do not like to necessarily make comparisons to other assistive tech but in this case I do think it is relevant. Jaws and VoiceOver both announce the control as "Close Button" regardless of how focus is navigated to the control.

Was just wondering if that sounds correct? If so, is there any documentation to inform others on how NVDA handles form controls, specifically buttons.


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