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On Wed, May 18, 2022 at 06:06 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

what if though the form cannot be given due to privacy reasons. I was under an nvda, still am actually, where I would not have been able to show the form to anyone, and mean no one. If this is the situation the OP is in is there an alternate to asking for the form(s) in question?

The short answer is:  No.

Debugging beyond the most basic, which we went past ages and ages ago in this topic and other related ones, simply cannot be done in the abstract.  There is a line past which one cannot do anything without an actual example to work with as part of the process.  And anyone on this forum who has ever been involved in either programming or testing can and will verify what I say.  It's like saying, "My car is making a weird noise, can you fix it?," and then, after the most common culprits have been mentioned and checked, insisting that a fix is available without "the patient" on which to do diagnostics.

And that being the case, if some entity is sending you a form they're requiring you to fill out that is not accessible, that needs to be brought to the attention of whoever in the organization it makes sense to bring it to the attention to.  The issue is theirs, not yours (though I know that, effectively, it's yours too).  If you're in the USA, then they should be prepared to have someone on-staff who can be privy to whatever information is needed be available to actually do the filling out of the form.

It's also always worth sending these organizations examples of fillable forms that are completely accessible so that they can compare and contrast the way these are set up that is different than their own are.

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