Re: for the third time, filling out a PDF



This can be partially explained by the fact that sometimes NVDA must inject part of its code to Adobe Reader to obtain additional information, similar in nature to how NVDA must inject inside web browsers to retrieve browse mode information. Think of it this way: when Adobe Reader DC detects that a screen reader is running, NVDA will not be able to obtain browse mode infor for a PDF document until Accessibility Wizard exits and the document opens. Since NVDA could not inject Adobe Reader support remote code inside Adobe Reader than, it will not be able to show the entire doument complete with form fields. Now you restart NVDA and it gets a chance to (properly) inject Adobe Reader support code, telling Adobe Reader to provide the screen reader with additoinal information from the PDF document. This is why sometimes it becomes necessary to restart NVDA to interact with websites and PDF documents opened in Adobe Reader.



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