Re: how to fix pronouncing abbreviations in NVDA?

Tyler Spivey

What synthesizer are you using?

On 5/19/2022 2:20 PM, Sue J. Ward wrote:
 Hello. I was wondering whenever NVDA comes across abbreviations it kind of mispronounces them. For example instead of sd, it says South Dakota. I want it to say the letters  sd even if sd is in all caps. Another one is instead of HP, it says horse power. It is quite annoying. If I come across these types of things I have to go back and double check as to what I am reading, I would really like to fix this. How would I do this since I did read something about this in the speech dictionaries, how would I access them since I don't have anything with touch jesters, I use the keyboard for everything. Any help you could send my way would be great. Thank you.

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