Re: how to fix pronouncing abbreviations in NVDA?

Quentin Christensen

NVDA passes the information on to the synthesizer, as it sees it ("sd" or "SD" in this case), it is up to the synth to work out how to pronounce it and unfortunately they often try to be clever and work out what abbreviations are rather than simply saying what is presented.

Using a different voice or synthesizer might give a different result, but the way to absolutely override it is, as others have indicated, with the speech dictionary.  We posted a walkthrough of creating an entry for exactly this reason in our In-Process blog last year: (The steps haven't changed).

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On Fri, May 20, 2022 at 8:15 AM Tyler Spivey via <> wrote:
What synthesizer are you using?

On 5/19/2022 2:20 PM, Sue J. Ward wrote:
>   Hello. I was wondering whenever NVDA comes across abbreviations it
> kind of mispronounces them. For example instead of sd, it says South
> Dakota. I want it to say the letters  sd even if sd is in all caps.
> Another one is instead of HP, it says horse power. It is quite annoying.
> If I come across these types of things I have to go back and double
> check as to what I am reading, I would really like to fix this. How
> would I do this since I did read something about this in the speech
> dictionaries, how would I access them since I don't have anything with
> touch jesters, I use the keyboard for everything. Any help you could
> send my way would be great. Thank you.

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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