Re: NVDA2022.1RC2 Silent Start Button?

Jason Bratcher

Yes. After getting the update, I even did a shut down by accident to force me to cold start away, lol!
(Windows+X, U, U).
Fast fingers...
I may need to write the developer of a piece of software called Explorer Patcher just to let him know about this
(that his Windows 10 taskbar code writing causes this hiccup in NVDA).
But switching the taskbar style to Windows 11 and NVDA behaves perfect.
I've just been so used to the Windows 10 taskbar for so long that the 11 one feels funky.
(I.E., the user-promoted notification area only lets you move through its items when you use left or up arrow keys.
To see the other notification items, you're forced to right arrow
(Whereas in Windows 10 you could actually use all 4 arrow keys to move equally among the notifications..

Even tried a System restore just to be sure I reboot.
Jason Bratcher

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