Re: for the third time, filling out a PDF

Bob Cavanaugh

Thanks all for your help. I did as you suggested, putting NVDA in
focus mode and was able to tab through and fill out the form, also
being able to see what I was writing. Perhaps a Guithub issue should
be created for this, as this is not expected behavior, and generated
nearly 40 messages to this list before that solution was arrived at.

On 5/20/22, Chris Smart <ve3rwj@...> wrote:
That was probably a trial of Acrobat pro. Just say no to that.
I have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Version: 22.1.20117.0
I installed it yesterday.

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Which version of Acrobat reader DC are you using? When I tried to edit a
field it wanted me to start the trial.
On 5/19/2022 7:47 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
With Acrobat Reader DC, I was able to press NVDA+Space on the first edit
field to go into Focus Mode, type my first name in the field, then tab
through and hear all other fields. I didn't bother filling them out.
I didn't examine the form in detail, but there appear to be ten unlabeled
checkboxes at the end. If I had examined those in browse Mode, I may have
been able to determine what they were fore, but I did not hear that as I
tabbed through them.

But, yes, I was able to hear the names of and fill in edit fields as I

I also tried Jaws, and the overall experience was smoother, but I am also
more familiar with that screenreader.

So yes, I am quite confident I would be able to fill out that form and
email it back.

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