Re: for the third time, filling out a PDF


On Fri, May 20, 2022 at 07:12 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Are you saying that "preparation delay" no longer happens, but that it is effectively happening in the background?
The way I'd phrase it is that the preparation is no longer done in the foreground, keeping you from accessing the document until that prep is complete.  This, of course, involves a wait.

Now it seems that it is being done asynchronously, with no dialog at all, where the user has access (as in can interact with - but not in any useful manner) with the document prior to it having been prepped such that the screen reader has a clue about what's what.  That's way more unhelpful than "the old way."

I've never dealt with fillable PDF using other than Tracker Software's PDF XChange Viewer,  which is nowhere near to fully accessible to a screen reader user, or Adobe Reader (in various versions).  When the document to which Bob gave the link opened in Vivaldi (another Chromium based browser) I was not able to interact with it with a screen reader in any meaningful way, as it remained silent as fields were traversed.

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