Re: NVDA with WhatsApp.

Ravindran V.S.

Hi Sim,
Thank you for sharing the link.
Yes, I had this installed already, still I downloaded from the link you mentioned and tried.
It does not make any difference.
Thank you.

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Hi, have you tried the Whatsapp desktop add-on?

You can find it at this site:

Hope this help.

On 20/5/2022 11:05 pm, Ravindran V.S. wrote:
Hello Team,
NVDA accessibility with the What's App desktop application is very poor as at now.
As suggested by the NVDA Team earlier, I contacted the WA Support Team and they are very positive to improve on this area.
However, they requested me to send a video demo of the way it works in the desktop.
But, my several attempts to record the issues in short videos did not work. For some reason even videos of 7 minutes or 5 minutes could not be sent from my phone.
In the initial page, NVDA just says "Button" without the labels."
Also, opening any attachments, video or audio is not simple with a click.
Scrolling through the chat list is also a concern as at now.
There may be more.
Therefore, would someone here with technical expertise be able to do a video recording and send to the WA Support Team as the accessibility issues please?
Thank you, have a pleasant day!

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