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Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

Here is what I have discovered. If you load the main audible page and then move to the button that says: 'submit search,' then switch to edit mode with NVDA key + space bar and then shift + tab once, you are placed in the search field. There is a lot of extraneous chatter when you do this, but if you do this, you can type in the search terms and then tab to the submit search button, press space bar and obtain the search results.

On 5/21/2022 9:43 AM, Monte Single wrote:
OK, I know this is off topic, but I will make two comments and say no more.
First, this is not a nvda problem, I get the same results with jaws.

Second. I created a shortcut that takes me to the "advanced search" in audible and this solved the problem.


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I am seeing the same behavior and tabbing also does not help.


On 5/21/22, Monte Single <mrsingle@...> wrote:
Hi Enes,

I use the Canadian website at;

For the last week or more, when I go to the home page and press "e"
to be in the search edeit box, nvda tells me there is no edit field.
Tabbingdoes not help. Bringing up the list of elements does not help.
I told the audible help about this.
So, instead, I go to the advanced search and work from there.
A few extra keystrokes, but at least I get to search.
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Hi all,

Have any of you noticed normal navigation doesn't apply to the
Audible search box? They have made a change where the combo box
editable cannot be navigated to by c or e/f. You have to use tab, and browse mode won't work.
However it is possible to type into it.

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