Re: NVDA with WhatsApp.

Sarah k Alawami

I redid the document and included all tables where they should have been. Here it is reproduced.




Hi, if you have the Whatsapp desktop add-on installed, you will be able to use the following hotkeys and shortcuts. Some of them are already found in Whatsapp desktop itself. I hope it help. Thanks.

Whatsapp Desktop with NVDA

Keyboard Shortcuts within Whatsapp Desktop:

Control + comma


Control + P

  Profile and About

control + M

Open the chat menu

control + G

Open the general menu of WhatsApp

Control + Shift + M

  Mute chat

Control + Shift + D

Delete Chat

Control + Shift + N

 Add new group participant in chat.

Control + Shift + U

Mark as unread

Control + Shift + E

Archive Chat

Control + Shift + P

Pin and unpin Chat

Control + Shift + T

announce chat in focus

Control + F

Search chat

Control + N

New Chat

Control + shift + F

Enable chat message search

Control + 1 to 9

 Move to the corresponding chat group and place the cursur on the text box

Alt + 1 to 9

 Move focus to the corresponding messages in a chat group. Cursor need to be at edit box.

Page up

Go back 5 messages in the list

Page down

Advance 5 messages in the list

Control + Tab

 move to the next chat and place the cursur on the text box

Control + Shift + Tab

 move to the previous chat and place the cursur on the text box

Control + Shift + A

 Open attachment panel.

control + shift + C

Copy the text of the message with the focus

control + L

 Open the link of the message with focus in the default browser.

Alt + Enter

 Download the message file when it contains one

Alt + downm arrow

 activate the read more button of text mesages.

Control + R

 Start and send voice message.


 Play or stop voice messages with focus


 Switch between playback speeds of a voice message

control + T

 Know how long the voice message with focus has been played

Shift + fullstop

 Increas speed of selected voice message

Shift + comma

 Decrease speed of selected voice message

Alt + Control + Enter

 Move focus to the message you reply to.

Right arrow

 Open context menu of message with focus

Right arrow

 Open context menu of chat with focus

Alt + control + L

 Start and end a voice call to the chat contact with the focus

Alt + control + V

 Start and end a video call to the chat contact with the focus

Selection mode instructions:
To activate the selection mode open the context menu of the message with focus, either with control + M, or with the applications key.
Once the menu is opened, move with down arrows to the option select messages, which must be activate with enter.
Press Alt + right arrow to bring focus on list of messages.

Selection mode shortcuts:

mark and unmark the message with focus


Verbalize the number of selected messages


Forward the selected messages


Delete the selected messages


Highlight the selected messages

D. Cannot work

Exit selection mode




Depending on the selected function, the corresponding window will be activated. The contact selection in the case of forwarding, the confirmation window in the case of message deletion, etc.

Instead of opening the emoji panel, you can search for emojis directly using the colon shortcut. When
you type the colon : followed by the emoji name, WhatsApp will show related emojis. All you need to do is press the Enter key to insert it. You can navigate
between the emojis using the arrow keys on your keyboard. For instance, if you want to add the mask emoji, type :mask. The results will start showing when you enter two characters at least.
You can change the font, make your text bold or italic using the shortcuts.
1. Put text in asterisks to bold it. For instance, *hello*
2. Place underscore on both sides to italicize the text. For instance, _Guidingtech_
3. Use tilde on both ends to strikethrough your message. Example: ~GT~
4. To change the font, place three backticks on both sides of the text. Example: ```Hey```

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