Re: More data on NVDA and gmail speech loss

Bob Cavanaugh

I wasn't on the list when you posted that, but since you are losing
speech, I am assuming you are using the Gmail standard interface? A
couple weeks ago, I was having a similar problem with Firefox that
seems to have resolved itself. I think when this happened, I would
restart NVDA, which would give me speech back, but Firefox would be
not responding. After a couple minutes, NVDA would say "attempting to
reconnect," and things would act normally again. I'm not sure what
broke this or what fixed it, but I haven't had this problem in a
couple weeks.

On 5/22/22, Christopher Bartlett <themusicalbrewer@...> wrote:
A couple of weeks back, I reported a problem with NVDA losing speech while
scrolling through my gmail list. I've since installed 2022.1RC2, and
tweaked some profile settings for Chrome specifically. I can now report
that, when I lose speech, and have to alt-tab away and back to regain it,
NVDA changes from my chrome profile to my generic profile. I can tell
because my speech rates differ between these two profiles.

Christopher Bartlett

Christopher Bartlett

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