Whether or not recommending new NVDA user to set Capslock as NVDA key


Hi all,

I would like to ask for your opinion.

Some new NVDA users, including desktop and laptop owners, will ask for my opinion on whether they should set the Capslock as the NVDA key.

With regard to desktop and laptop environment, the logic that I have provided them are as follows:

1. setting Capslock key as NVDA key, you have to press the key two times in order to input capital letters. But if you have to frequently press the Capslock key to type capital letters, then setting Capslock key as NVDA key will not be a good option.

2. setting Capslock key as NVDA key, you have one more option of NVDA key, which you can choose from using the Capslock key or Insert key as the NVDA key. But if you do not set Capslock as NVDA key, you will most probably have to limit to pressing Insert key (laptop) or Insert key or Numpad 0 (desktop).

How would you advice new NVDA users if they own a desktop or laptop regarding this issue? thanks.

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