Re: Does NVDA have this feature that Window-eyes has?

Bob Cavanaugh

I just got a similar email from Amazon, and having seen this thread,
looked over it to see what it looked like. There are spaces between
the equals signs, which is why NVDA reads it the way it does. I
personally find those quite annoying.

On 5/22/22, Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:
Sarah k Alawami wrote:

It will, but not in all emails. I have heard this in emails
where the equals signs are not rendered as how ever many they are.
That's because they are not a line of equals signs. They are a line of
signs, interspersed with hyphens. So dash equals dash equals etc. Probably
punctuation level is set not to say one or the other, so you think it's a
of just one of them.

Most likely that's what's happening in the original case as well: equals
along with another character that NVDA doesn't read.
Confirm by reading that line character by character.


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