Re: Version 22.06 of Joseph Lee's add-ons posted: Add-on Updater, Windows App Essentials, Event Tracker (deep maintenance), Object Location Tones (deep maintenance), ObjPad (deep maintenance) #addonrelease


Have a nice break.
I actually will for myself assuming I don't reaquire covid or
something else doesn't go wrong be out of the office for 4 days or so
on vacation.
I have not decided but I am seriously conciddering not taking my
workstation with me which means I won't be getting mail or anything at
Just my recorder and shortwave reciever and thats about it.
Its hard to take a techbreak, luckily my phone aint smart so I don't
have to bother about that but yeah, seriously conciddering going
offline completely myself.

On 23/05/2022, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Hi all,

With the release of NVDA 2022.1 stable version, I'm delighted to announce
the immediate release of five add-on updates:

* Add-on Updater 22.06: internal changes.
* Event Tracker 22.06: compatibility update.
* Object Location Tones 22.06: compatibility update.
* ObjPad 22.06: compatibility update.
* Windows App Essentials 22.06: many goodies and bug fixes. Note that
the version offered will be 22.06.1 due to a last minute change requiring a
version bump.

Of these add-ons, Event Tracker, Object Location Tones, and ObjPad are in
deep maintenance mode. I have no plans for future releases of these
and I cannot guarantee that these add-ons will be compatible with the next
release of NVDA unless someone steps up to maintain them; consider them
abandoned and end of support.

Now that add-ons were updated (Add-on Updater should be offering them to
as of this moment), I can finally take a vacation I needed for some time.
Therefore, I will not release add-on updates of any kind throughout June
2022. Don't worry if I don't respond to you on a timely manner about my
add-ons - consider me offline.

See you all in July.



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